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It's an honor to be part of your Collection. 

Each of my artworks is, as for many artists, a little piece of myself, a glimpse into my soul, and very often, a place I escape from the noises in my mind. 


An inspiration that comes from a place of peace and self-awareness. 



Artwork Background


--Artwork name--




As you might know, the ------ is created by a mix of different media. Mainly photographs I Have taken in different locations. I like to create with my own images cause it brings a special connection to the places i visit. Therefore, I considered myself more of an image-maker than a photographer perse since my artwork requires compositing in order to obtain the final vision.

Below you can find a small backstage of the process of Glitch... 

Artwork BTS

Unlockable Item

Below you can find a compressed folder with the following unlockable items: 


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For all your support, if you have any question, do not hesitate to reach out.


Leonel Piccardo