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Each of my artworks is, as for many artists, a little piece of myself, a glimpse into my soul, and very often, a place I escape from the noises in my mind. 


An inspiration that comes from a place of peace and self-awareness. 




Artwork Background


Sunset Of The Wise

This glitch is a symbolic dream-like representation of my need to protect my inner peace of mind and body from what my mind perceived as inner storms. On the artworks, I tend to used dream-language symbolism to unveil and explore my subconscious. Just like in a dream, certain elements have meanings: Stormy clouds: a hidden depression contrasted with a sunset, symbolizes the ending of a cycle etc.


My glitches are created by a mix of different media, mainly photographs I Have taken in different locations I visit. I like to create with my own images cause it brings a special connection with the places I visit. For this artwork, I took the background photo on a trip to Fuerteventura, Spain, and the model photographer in Amsterdam. While the orange tree is a 3D object. 


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